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7 Apr

New CMHC rates may INCREASE cost of a mortgage!


Posted by: Mike Ellergodt

CMHC Premium Increase Coming June 1st

Written by Jay Seabrook, VP of Operations, at Dominion Lending Centres

Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) announced late last week that effective June 1st, insurance premiums for those who have less than 10% down payment will rise 45 basis points to 3.6%. CMHC indicated this will only add about $5 per monthly payment.

That doesn’t sound too bad – what’s the catch?

Our very own Shaun Serafini from DLC Mortgage Excellence wrote on Mortgage Broker News:

“What is lost in the $5-per-month analogy is the erosion of a homebuyer’s initial equity position brought by the higher premium. They are now getting less than 1.5 per cent equity in a home despite coming up with fiver per cent down payment (not a small feat in itself these days). This is almost a full percentage of equity loss from the last wave of premium increases. Homebuyers will now be further behind the mark in terms of equity from the outset and CMHC doesn’t seem to care too much about that fact.”

Learn more by reading the CMHC press release and checkout this excellenct video  from the Globe & Mail.

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Mike Ellergodt
Mortgage Associate
DLC – Mortgage Excellence