Mike Ellergodt has been advising and educating clients in lending and investing solutions for over 5 years.

His first and foremost goal is to serve clients in their financial and real estate goals to create solutions based on their financial situation. No two clients are the same and Mike considers the entire market of lending institutions to find the perfect fit for each client. Having the experience with first time homebuyers, refinancing/debt repositioning, and all the way to rental portfolios allows Mike to know exactly what his clients need and how to get them approved. Mike knows that working with Dominion Lending Centres gives his clients the amazing opportunity to get the lowest rates on the market and the best products with all the bells and whistles for financial freedom. Dominion Lending Centre's promise to create the best relationship with lenders allows Mike to give you the best the market has to offer. Working with Mike gets you the preferential treatment you deserve when dealing with your mortgage and any other lending products you need.

Mike is excited to work with individuals and companies to create the perfect fit for whatever their financial goals may be. Whether it is home ownership, having a vacation getaway, a rental portfolio, or refinancing/debt repositioning to pay less interesst; all of it is possible with Mike Ellergodt at Morgage Excellence.

Dominion Lending Centres Nationally:

At Dominion Lending Centres, we understand that purchasing a home is one of life's most exciting endeavours, and is also a very comprehensive one.

Canada's largest banks, credit unions, trust companies, and financial intuitions have teamed up with Dominion Lending Centres to offer you rates, products, and services that are only available through our mortgage professionals. For example, the Dominion Lending Centres mortgage product line has an array of home financing solutions that are only available to our mortgage professionals and their clients.

Through a proprietary low interest rate mortgage product line coupled with member training, technology, and a leading edge company, our mortgage professionals are the best equipped to serve you in fulfilling your homeownership dreams!